We provide a turnkey solution to designing and developing new electronic products.

From concept right through to the final printed circuit board design (PCB), manufacturing of PCBoards, component sourcing, supply and PCBoard assembly, to final testing and delivery.

We have full CAD facilities for PCBoard design and a well equipped workshop where we design and test new products.

The majority of our development work is exclusively done for our clients and is not available commercially. We do our own microcontroller software (Firmware) development.

We have an experienced team who have been involved in the designing and manufacturing of PCB’s for over 30 years.

We cater for low and high volume PCB production requirements. From once-off prototype requirements to manufacturing runs of 1000’s of PCB’s. We are also able to assist with any complexity requirements from the most basic PCB’s to advanced PCB’s with multiple layers and complex Firmware, all developed, assembled and tested in our workshop in Springs.

If you have a unique requirement for a Printed Circuit Board to be designed to cater for your exact requirements, please complete this form and we will get right back to you.